Feb 9, 2010

Sleeping Sisters

My son calls them his little sisters. Asia and Clara are about 5 months old now and doing well, despite a rough start. They are quite the team though and rarely separated.

I've had many talks with my son about picking up the tiny Lego pieces and he is really very good about it. It amazes me that they still seem to find them. Baby-proofing the house has been tougher with them than it was with my son!

Our older guy "Bug" is eight months old now and will be neutered soon. He walks, runs, jumps everywhere in spite of his birth defect and is usually watching over my son from nearby. After having lost so many of our senior pets last year, it's nice to have some youngsters in the house.

However, three kittens at one time is more than enough. That brings are house total back up to five cats, plus one difficult dog. We won't be adding any more (she says hopefully)!


Mrs. C said...

Congrats!!! I think.

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