Dec 28, 2009

A Violin for Mom

Santa (my mother) bought me a violin for Christmas and yes, I wanted one. I've spent a lot of time this year exposing my son to music and watching him develop a strong interest in the orchestra. He loves to watch the musicians play and knows every instrument and what family it belongs to.

I had thought about getting him a violin but then I thought, what about me? I have always loved the violin. Listening to one being played releases emotions so deep in my core being, I didn't even know they existed. Wouldn't it be great to learn to play an instrument that I have always loved? Of course it would and then I could teach my son later.

We come from a musical family. My mother plays piano and my father played guitar. I did learn to play the clarinet in high school, but I will need a refresher on reading music. I still have the clarinet (hidden away) for my son if he wants to learn. Right now he has a recorder and an electronic keyboard that he is getting pretty good at. Plus I got him a xylophonethis Christmas that he didn't get last year. He can play Jingle Bells and Mary Had A Little Lamb on them all.

When I mentioned my idea to my mother, she said go ahead and order what I needed and she would pay for it. After some research I found a great beginners violin with a case and accessories on (I really should buy stock in that company). So far I have got it tuned and it sounds great (I think). I ordered a DVD to learn from and some extra strings.

My son thinks his mom can do anything, so he is already planning a mommy and me concert. I'll keep you posted on the date, ha ha. So this is my New Year's resolution: This is the year I teach an old dog (my brain) a new trick. I will learn to play the violin!


Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

What a wonderful present! Hope you post a video of you playing the violin.

Thanks to the Little Einsteins, my son keeps saying he wants to play the violin. Looking into Suzuki for him....

bluecottonmemory said...

I've been wanting to take violin for years. I have a small, medium, and large - my oldest son took Suzuki violin from the daughter of the man who introduced the Suzuki method to the United States. My only problem with that is they will only ever be able to play music that has "violin" music - if you want them to be able to play along with other songs without the music (like at church, in a youth group or a band) you need them to learn 1) how to read and play which Suzuki does and 2) how to use chords and play. Sadly, my son who took for 8 years, can only play if he can find the violin music for the song - songs in the youth band and college band often only had chords.

However, when my younger ones get a little older, I'm going to start taking violin!

Merry After-Christmas - Enjoy your violin!

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