Dec 11, 2009

Santa Had to Get Sneaky This Year

Do you hide your children's Christmas gifts around the house? If so, do you forget where they are? I do. This year was hard. Now that my son is five, he is well aware that I do all of my shopping online. I hardly ever shop for anything in a store, except groceries and if I could have them delivered in my area, I probably would.

Whenever the USP man or the postman comes, it's a mad dash to see what's in the box. Unless it's pet food. That's the only thing he's not interested in checking out. So this Christmas whenever a box comes, I look at the label and quickly tell him it's pet food. I'm wondering when it's going to dawn on him that we have had an awful lot of "pet food" delivered lately!

Then when he's not looking, I stash the box somewhere in the house. However this year I remembered that last year I forgot some of them and they ended up being Easter gifts. So now I keep a list of what's hidden where. This year I will try to wrap them ahead of time too because last year he was out of bed every twenty minutes on Christmas Eve and Santa almost lost her cool. Now if I can only remember where I put that list, humm....


B Boys Mom said...

I have found gifts months later that I had hidden and couldn't find. A list is a great idea.

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