Dec 22, 2009

Christmas is Over

At our house anyway. This year we celebrated Christmas early. Today was the last day for a while, that we would not have to leave the house early to do pet sitting rounds. I am so glad I decided to do it this way! We had a relaxed morning opening gifts and playing, without having to rush out to walk dogs.

I think my son was happy with his gifts, except he did make a comment that none of them had bows. Oops, I completely forgot them, so I told him Santa must have run out. Of all things for him to notice!

Of course the kittens enjoyed the morning as well.
Nothing better than a pile of paper to shred.
We will still go to Grandma's on Friday for Christmas dinner, but now I can relax a little and concentrate on the pet sitting jobs.


Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Merry Christmas! Your boy is so cute. I remember when my cats were kittens and loved playing with the wrapping.

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