Nov 6, 2009

Where do Old Jack O' Lanterns go to Die?

Why out under the trees for Mother Nature
to give back to the earth of course!

Do you believe this jack-o-lantern hasn't rotted away yet? I mean, this is Florida, it's still 80 degrees out. I put him out under the tree for the wild creatures to nibble on, the day after Halloween.

I guess the animals in my neighborhood aren't interested in pumpkin.
Although I did see this guy eyeing it today. Maybe I should fill it with peanuts and make it a serving dish!


Jaffer said...

Perhaps the animals and birds are afraid of his hawk-face.

DJ said...

@Jaffer: You know, I never thought of that! Maybe he's like a pumpkin scarecrow.

Vixen said...

It's like "super-pumpkin" if it hasn't melted to goo already. The kids were falling into themselves the next day!

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