Sep 24, 2009

Storytime and Milestones

An amazing thing happened today! My son sat down and read his first book all the way through by himself. He is two months shy of five years old, and has known his alphabet and all the consonant sounds since he was two and half (thank you We have been working on sight words and he has been able to read short sentences and books (with my finger pointing under the words) for some time now.

This was different, this was without prompting by me and he even corrected himself if he got a word wrong the first time. It was only a short early reader, ten pages of two or three sentences each, but I couldn't be more proud of him!

What started it was the new kitten. Ever since his arrival, my son has been "teaching the kitten" all his lessons. Today he decided to read the kitten a story. I'm not sure how much the kitten has learned but I now know just how much of his own lessons my son has retained!


Obi-Mom Kenobi said...

That's so sweet of him to teach the kitten all his lessons! May he always love reading and learning and sharing.

demandablog said...

how sweet that he read to the kitten! What a big boy. :)

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