Sep 8, 2009

Changing Seasons

Officially fall doesn't begin for another two weeks. Not that it means much here in Florida anyway. The daytime temperatures will continue in the nineties well into December. Explaining to a four year old that he isn't going to have a pile of leaves to jump in like they do on television was hard enough last year. Every time we have a discussion about changing seasons and weather conditions, I have to add the comment "but that doesn't happen in Florida".

This year, he was ahead of me and suggested that we either drive to where the leaves do change or have the mail man deliver a big bag of leaves here. I have to agree I would love to travel north to see the leaves change, but I fear we would never want to come back. After the leaves changed we would have to stay to see snow and snowmen and fireplaces, etc.
Someday, that is my plan. Not this year.

For now, I will try to keep him busy with fall projects and crafts. He's already talking about Halloween. Maybe this year he will actually want to go trick -or- treating. Last year he got scared and changed his mind at the last minute. I'm also going to try again with the vegetable garden once the weather cools a little. He was very upset that the insects ruined our pumpkins. It would have been nice to have a home grown pumpkin to carve!


demandablog said...

As much as I complain about living in a place where winter is brutal, I do love fall. I'm sorry you don't get a chance to play in the leaves! I'd be happy to send you some. ;)

DJ said...

@demandablog: Yeah, most folks I know would love to live in sunny South Florida. It does get old though, thanks for visiting!

Dori said...

I absolutely love fall :-) I hope you get to venture north and enjoy some of the seasonal changes soon.

Vixen said...

I managed to grow ONE pumpkin with all those plants. And the plant nourishing it died a horribly hot death last week when the temps soared. I just hope and pray it doesn't rot before Halloween since Ladybug has already seen it and claimed it! Or maybe we will be carving early this year?

I so miss the change of seasons. Like you its always the same in So. California.

DJ said...

@Dori: Mee too, thanks
@Vixen: Oh dear, I hope your pumpkin makes it!

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