Aug 4, 2009

His First Fish!

It was his first fishing trip and his first fish. We went over to one of the lakes near the river. At almost sundown, all the turtles and birds were out hunting for dinner, so I figured we would get some bites. After several failed attempts at casting, he decided I should cast and he would watch the bobber.
At first he was scared to reel it in and handed the pole to me. Then he changed his mind when he saw the fish and wanted to finish himself. He got so excited jumping up and down, he smacked himself in the face with the wet fish!

I tried to take a photo and this was the best one of the bunch. Do you know how hard it is to photograph a fish spinning on a line? I don't know what kind it is, we looked online to try and identify it, but couldn't. I know the photo is blurry, but if anyone knows what it is, let me know. We released the fish back into the lake and it quickly swam off.
After that the turtles kept chasing our bait and I didn't want to catch one by mistake, so we called it a night. I was also getting bit by mosquitoes (forgot the bug spray). He has been talking about his fish ever since and can't wait to go again!


Jaffer said...

Aww... this was the nicest thing I read today ! :-)

So, whatja do with the fish ?

DJ said...

@Jaffer: We set him free back in the lake! Too small to eat plus who knows if the lake is safe to eat from?

Cindy said...

Congrats to him. I can see it would be hard to take a picture of a fish spinning around. Good job of catch and release!!

hipumpkins said...

that' awesome. I'll show the pic to my husband he knows lots about fish and fishes often. My kids enjoy it, too.

Vixen said...

The look in his eyes!!!!!!!!!! Precious. He is so proud and, yet, amazed!

That sounds like so much fun, I want to take Kayla fishing. Oh well, maybe in a few weeks it will cool off and the fish will start biting again and I will take her to the local lake.

Dorothy L said...

That is such a first moment keeper. What a great photo to add to your family firsts :)

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