Jul 6, 2009

Our First Harvest!

It wasn't much but they were delicious. I could only pick enough for one serving, my son was so excited to cook and eat them. Then he only had one bite and decided he didn't like green beans after all. That's ok, more for mommy!

As I said in my last garden post, we have had some losses. The cucumbers developed bacterial wilt and all the vines died. Cucumber bacterial wilt is transmitted by the cucumber beetle and just like my tomatoes, there is not much you can do. So we will try again.

Looks like I will be replanting several things in the fall
(when our weather cools again).
The carrots are still growing, and the watermelon is blooming too. Time will tell how they do. I don't remember South Florida gardening being this hard last time I tried.


Robin said...

I found your blog via your esty shop. We used to live in PSL/Stuart/Jensen Beach and that caught my eye on your shop. I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed looking at both your shop and blog.

A.Marie said...

I found your blog while "doing the drop" with Entrecard. Such beautiful green beans!! I was just looking at my garden, and mine are almost ready to pick. I live in Central IL and we have had rain, rain and more rain.

Anyway, my twin sis lives in FL and she grows lovely flowers just like your hibiscus. So Beautiful! :)

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