Jul 27, 2009

New Shoes

When he was a baby, my son wouldn't keep anything on his feet. Socks were peeled off within minutes and booties untied. Then he fell in love with a pair of blue slipper boots and wouldn't take them off. He slept in them and wore them everywhere, even when it was 95 degrees out.

By three he needed some real shoes but every pair I tried, he found something wrong with. They pinched or rubbed. They were the "wrong color" for that day, or they were too "big".

Luckily I found Crocs and eureka, shoes that worked everyday, everywhere! Now he has become very athletic and needed a good pair of sneakers. I thought this would be a battle again, but low and behold at 4 1/2, shoes are cool!

Plus sneakers with stripes are "power shoes" and they make him fly! Now if I could just find a pair of "power shoes" with an off button, we'd both be thrilled.
* This is not a product endorsement, we really just love Crocs!


Steve said...

Those shoes are looking comfortable... Second one is best for running!!

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