Jun 16, 2009

An End and a Beginning

It's been a week of many changes around here. We have been spending lots of time with our dog "Blue",who is dying. He has been sleeping mostly and other than a non-responsive fever, seems comfortable. My son knows what is happening and wants him to go in peace. I will make sure that happens.

We also watched our caterpillars turn into chrysalises and then transferred them to the butterfly habitat. They are now hanging by our back door and when they emerge, they will be released into our back yard. I can't say enough about this kit, we are really enjoying the events and it came at a time when a positive distraction was greatly needed!
The weather here has turned hot and humid and the bugs are out. I hope to have some more garden photos for you soon. We will get back to the vegetables after Blue leaves us. I feel that will be very soon.


Walk in the Woods said...

So much life around you ... in all its forms ...

My blessings to Blue and your whole family. Bidding farewell to our four-leggeds is a formidable challenge, yet one filled with the kind of love that *they* know and share so well.

Sherri @ Luv a Bargain said...

Praying for you and Blue.

We had such a great time with our Butterfly Pavilion. We just set our butterflies free yesterday. I posted some pic too.

DJ said...

@Walk in the woods: One's life truly is about seasons and changes. We will adapt and yet never forget. Thank you.
@Sherri: We can't wait to see what other insects we can observe! Thank you for your kind words.

kasandria said...

How cool is that butterfly habitat? Praying for your family.

Kim said...

I'm so sad about Blue. Yet, you are caring for new life just as it beginnings.

A very appropriate title! :)

Laura said...

It's so sad when a child's pet dies. My daughter's cat was dying & watching her sit there and hold the cat was so sad.

Dropping by from MomDot Linky.

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