May 11, 2009

Planting Has Begun

After adding some potting soil, the garden was finally ready for planting. The area didn’t exactly end up being a raised bed. After adding the top soil, I found that in order to have a true raised bed,
it was going to take a lot more dirt.
So I’m going with what I’ve got for now.
This area has good drainage so it should be okay.
I decided to start the vines first, close to the fence and plant the rest in stages. So far I have planted sugar baby watermelon, cucumbers, green beans (bush type), and sugar snap peas.

My son enjoyed poking his finger in the dirt to make holes and then patting down the dirt. He really wanted to water the seeds and got mad when I wouldn’t let him, because his idea of watering is blasting the dirt with the hose.

All was soon forgotten when I let him run through the sprinkler on the lawn instead.

I have some roma tomatoes and sweet pepper seedlings sprouting in pots to go in next. I also have marigolds sprouting to plant in between the vegetables to help deter insects.


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