May 5, 2009

More From the Garden

We are pretty much spending all our time working on the garden lately so that's what I'll be writing about for a while, hope you don't mind. I will also be planning my son's lessons around it as well. I've got some before and after photos for you today.

I decided to put our vegetable garden just off the patio in a raised bed. Unfortunately this area was the over grown spot you see above. So why did I choose it? Well, this is the only area around the edge of the yard that I can be sure I haven't buried any pets or animals.
After twenty years in veterinary medicine, I have buried more than my fair share of wildlife and pets that didn't make it. Some the graves are marked by a special plant, but most are not. Also, I did not want to put the planting bed out in the open area because then the dogs would be sure to run through it.

After a week of digging and chopping, it's finally cleared. I had to move two medium sized Privet trunks and a large Split Leaf Philodendron. Now I'm busy digging out roots and turning the soil. My hands feels like they have been smashed with a hammer right now, thanks to all the pulling and shovel grasping. So far I have dug out three piles of roots. I've got the blisters to prove it!

Next step will be to build the bed's sides. I will be using an assortment of odds and ends for this. I have some stones I will stack up on one end and some low vinyl edging sections too. I could go buy some cedar planks, but I'd rather make use of what I have. So what if it looks a little odd, all is has to do is hold dirt, right?


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Can't wait to see the finished project!

Chrisy said...

Well done with all that preparation....and your son could cover most subjects with this project...maths, english, biology, climate plus more!

DJ said...

Alicia: Neither can I, if getting there doesn't kill me first!
Chrisy: That's the plan, thanks! I hope to have time to post about his work as well.

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