May 27, 2009

After the Rain

Well, I asked for rain and I got it!
We have had thunderstorms every afternoon this week.
Florida weather is the craziest.
Why can't we have a nice morning rain, three days a week?
I was afraid some of the garden would get washed out,
but so far so good.

Even the parsley made it through.
I have yet to see if the carrot seeds were displaced from their rows.
I guess we will have to wait
and see if they sprout up all over the place!


H.E.Eigler said...

Oh man, I can almost smell the damp earth and that odd fuzzy tomato plant smell. Mmmmm. I miss having tomato plants. Might have to get some!

Meghann said...

They look great! I hope you have a wonderful harvest :)

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Look at your crops! Cool. Have you had problems with nematodes? I was told that would be a problem where we live. Some kind of underground pest. My husband made a raised bed one year (many years pre-kid), and we planted some veggies, but the wood used to make the bed didn't even last in this weather. I hope you have a great harvest there!

DJ said...

@H.E.Eigler: They ddo have a fuzzy smell! lol
@Meghann: Thanks, we hope so too!
@Holly: No problems yet but it's still early. I used mostly stone for that very reason and the fence border is cypress, so it should stand the test of time.

Cherry Tart Design said...

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Stay At Home Mom said...

I guess they survived the rains. I hope you will have a great harvest. I should really get back to gardening. This is an inspiring post. Thanks.

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