Apr 20, 2009

Learning About Cause and Effect

We have been learning about cause and effect. In order to help improve critical thinking and also learn about consequences, I have been purposely pointing out the cause and effect of just about everything that occurs during our day. For instance, we may be in the car and I will ask my son what is the cause of the car stopping (putting on the brakes) and what is the effect (we don’t crash into the other cars).

It has now become a terrific game and we take turns pointing out the cause and effect of everything!
You can apply this game to most lessons, science, history, art etc.

The most useful part has been when he thinks about the cause and effect of his own actions. Throwing the ball in the house causes mommy to get annoyed. The effect of mommy getting annoyed is
* insert consequence here*. You should see the look on his face when he realizes he is in control of the outcome.

Of course just like everything else we teach our children, don’t be surprised if they start to use it against you. Yesterday, my son pointed out to me that the cause of all the chocolate being gone was that I ate it, and the effect would be that I would get sick.
Ok, so I like chocolate, a lot!

You can learn more about cause and effect at Literacy Matters.


Erik said...

I wish you could help some of our politicians learn about cause and effect. :)

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