Mar 13, 2009

Enchanted Learning

After spending hours looking for a clear, simple map of the continents for my son, I stumbled upon
I almost cried with joy!
I couldn't believe my eyes, the wealth of information this site provides to parents and teachers is awesome!
They have over 20,000 pages indexed of activities and printouts you can use to teach. According to their site info:

Enchanted Learning, LLC produces children's educational web sites and games which are designed to capture the imagination while maximizing creativity, learning, and enjoyment.
We believe that children learn the most (and retain it the longest) when they are actively involved in educational pursuits that are clear, logical, stimulating, and fun.
Ease of use is a hallmark of our material. Children need the clearest, simplest computer interface, and our material is created so that the navigation and controls are intuitive.
Our mission is to produce educational materials that emphasize creativity and the pure enjoyment of learning. The underlying message is that curiosity and exploration lead to delightful learning experiences.

You do have to subscribe to the site at $20 a year for unlimited use, a fee I feel is well worth it. I know you can find almost any teaching resource on the web for free, but I spend enough time spinning my wheels during the day as it is. Between the crafts, calendars, work sheets, charts, labels....etc, I feel like I won the education lottery!

If you want to check them out they have quite a few sample pages to use for free. I think you will be impressed. There is enough here to supplement my son's learning for many years yet.


obimomkenobi said...

That has been one of my favorite sites over the years. I'm so glad you've found it. The annual $20 fee is SO worth it!

Carrie Jean said...

I saw your tweet about EL and just have to add how much I love that site! I've used it for years and even now with high school aged kids, I still go there for their great graphic organizers.

Nodin's Nest said...

Obimom: There seems to be no end to the info there, I've been having fun searching through the site.
Carrie: I agree, there are pages even older students can use.

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