Jan 8, 2009

My Future Potato Farmer

A few months ago I posted about how our potato plants had sprouted.
Well, yesterday it was time to dig them up.

My son's potato pot has produced a bountiful harvest of three perfect tiny new red potatoes! That's his hand holding them, so as you can see they are small. Grant you they won't feed a family of six (maybe six mice), but we are very proud of them.
We spared no time in washing and roasting them along with some turkey thighs and carrots.

Then I put together a simple unit study on potatoes for his science lesson tomorrow. With my photos and a few printouts from the web, it covers life cyle, nutritional value, regional growth and biological parts of the plant.

I also just realized that I spelled potato with an E
at several spots in the lesson.
I will be correcting that (must be a carry over from my own English school system lessons). You know tomatoe, tomato etc.
Now he is excited to try his hand at growing other vegetables.


Cascia said...

That is cool! You and your son must really be proud.

Duni said...

Interesting. I've never seen red-skinned potatoes before. They look really good!!!

Nodin's Nest said...

Cascia: Thanks, we will try again for a larger crop in the future.
Duni: Red potatoes are my favorite for roasting. You should try them!

Vixen said...

What a success! I printed out something from the web a few months ago about growing potatoes in a garbage can. I need to go find that and see if I can grow some little red ones!

obimomkenobi said...

That's a perfect example of real life learning. A little PS to Duni - You should see the purple potatoes from Peru, they're stunningly beautiful.

Nodin's Nest said...

Vixen: You should try it, the garbage can trick is a good one!
Obimom: Your right the purple ones are wonderful, one of my favorite Terra Chips!

worldmomma said...

Very cool!

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