Jan 30, 2009

My Back Seat Driver

Funny thing happened on the way to the grocery store today, my son turned into the most annoying backseat driver ever!
It would be one thing if he just asked a question or suggested a different route, but having random instructions bellowed at you from the back seat, can be a little distracting while driving.
Have you received any of these driving tips from your 4 year old?
  • Stop, your going the wrong way!
  • Slow down, it's tooooo dangerous!
  • Turn right, turn right, right right right!
  • Oh no, duck!
  • Look quick, over there! Oh never mind, it's gone.
  • Big, big, big truck coming!
  • Look mom, catch!
  • I need the map now!

"Yes officer, so sorry. I do know where I want to go, but my 4yr old had the map."


RunninL8 said...

My kiddo goes appoplectic if I forget my seatbelt! One can find me hanging from the ceiling of the car-fingernails embeded into the fabric-after the brainblasting,"MOOOOOOOMMMY,HE,HE,HEEEEE! YOUR SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAT BEEEEEEEEEELTTT!!!!!!"
It used to freak me out when at the age of 3 she would tell me the correct way to turn -when we hadn't even been to this particualr area in months!
I'm enjoying your blog! Totally off topic...What's the deal with sponsors? I know nothing about this stuff. Do you actually get paid by them? Do you get to choose who is on your site? Or do they choose you? The $$$ part is fine, but there are so many great folks out there that i would love to have on my blog! Do tell! And thanks!

demandablog said...

That's so cute and funny. haha.

RunninL8 said...

One more techy question? Sorry! How does one get the "• Save to del.icio.us • Digg This! • Stumble It! • Twit This! • kirtsy this • Subscribe to this feed" Stuff under one's posts?
Thanks again!

hipumpkins said...

I also have the GPS lady encouraging my kids b/c she often reprimands me in that lovely British accent, "you are exceeding the speed limit"

Nodin's Nest said...

RunninL8:They sure can startle you with their comments! As for you questions, Feedburner.com provides the links under posts and Projectwonderful.com is a way to advertise your site for very little money.
demandablog: Thanks for visiting!
hipumpkins: I never thought about the GPS(we don't have one),nothing like having a car that tattles on you! lol

Summer said...

LOL How funny! I'm glad mine spends his time picking on his little brother instead of shouting instructions at me.

LWM said...

You want one of those screens that the limos have, don't you? Juuuust a little bit...I can tell.

Nodin's Nest said...

Summer:Sometimes having two children can be easier I think :)
LWM: Ooh that would help, yes! My luck,it would be considered neglect.

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