Dec 8, 2008

Santa Took It Easy This Year

Friends have been asking what me son is getting for Christmas, so I thought I'd share.
He's four and won't be reading this, so I'm safe letting the cat out of the bag.

Under the tree he will have:
  • A real Globe, he's been having fun drawing planets and spheres, plus he loves maps so I figured a globe was in order to tie it all together.
  • Mr. Potato Head (because I loved mine when I was a kid).
  • A Chutes and Laddersboard game (I'm trying to lure him off the computer).
  • Three very old Breyer type horses and a Brahma bull that a veterinary friend had when she was a girl.
  • A backpack that my mom got with a Sierra Club membership.
  • A Wow Wow Wubbzy dvd and book that I won on 5 minutes for mom.
  • Some additional wooden buildings and train cars that I hid last year because the set was too large.
  • A small die-cast Publix (our local grocery store) delivery truck. He loves Publix!
  • A very, very bouncy ball (his only request)!
  • Several "new" used books (from my collection since I was a child).
  • A set of mom's Bugs Story Box images from my Etsy shop, for his box.

For his stocking:

  • A dinosaur viewmaster reel set (the old fashioned kind).
  • A insect viewmaster reel set.
  • A pack of wild flower seeds I got free from Burt's Bees.
  • A small stuffed Penguin that came free with a DVD my mother bought for herself. (at 81 my mom has suddenly become a fan of animated movies!)
  • A chocolate Santa.
  • apples.

So that's it. The only real expense was the Globe and the Mr. Potato Head. Most items were gathered through the year and put aside. It's a bit of an odd mix, but then again so are we.
I think he will be very happy.


Jaffer said...

Boy oh boy that kid is going to be very very happy !

Just a very very bouncy ball ? Aww ! How cute !

Jenny said...

Oh a Viewmaster!! I want a Viewmaster!!!

Nodin's Nest said...

Jaffer: yep that's all he wanted :)
Jenny: I found the orginal ones on amazon!

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