Dec 27, 2008

More Smudge Please!

I am guilty. Of what you ask?
Of being relieved Christmas is behind me.
My son is very happy and I’m content with the outcome of our holiday celebrations. We created some new traditions to celebrate in future years and I learned what all parents eventually learn: The best way to make the season memorable for your children is to simply be present and involve them in the events.

Between the both of us, we ate way too much chocolate and too many cookies. A friend gave us some fudge ( my son keeps calling it “smudge”) and some peanut brittle which is all but gone as well!

There were a few tears (mostly mine) but all in all everything worked out well. Yet, I still breathed a huge sigh of relief when I turned off the tree lights and put the house to bed Christmas night.

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day will be a lighthearted one, filled with promise and renewal.
I will be working on my son’s lesson for the next week and freshening up the house for the new year. My son will be busy searching the new globe he received, for places to explore and re-building his train town with new cars, buildings and trees.
I hope you all enjoy a relaxing week while you await the new year.


Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

My sentiments exactly!

Nodin's Nest said...

Julie: Thanks for sharing!

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