Nov 17, 2008

The Message In The Sky.

This was written in the sky over my house this morning.
Last night my son watched "The Wizard Of Oz" for the first time.
He was not amused!


kim* said...

i saw it last night for a lil while just between the time she went to see the guy that was telling her fortune...and i was creeped out wanting to change so i did when she was leaving there

then i turned it back when the munchkins were singing...then i changed it. lol

too scary for me and im 27!

Iris Carter said...

My mom saw the movie when it first hit movie theatres in the 1930s. Her aunt dropped her and a couple of cousins off. Mom was probably 5 or 6 years old. She ran out of the theatre when the wicked witch showed up in Munchkin Land and waited on the curb until the movie was over. Sorry your son was upset by the skywriting but I have to laugh - awesome coincidence!!!

Karen said...

It really was in the sky??? I always hated The Wizard of Oz and would cry while my sister watched it.

Nodin's Nest said...

Kim: I know alot of children and adults that still think it's scary. I'm surprised my son watched as much as he did.
Iris: I thought is was funny too, what timing!
Karen: Yep, in the sky. I think there was an airshow in town.

~ April ~ said...

How neat!! I watched a few minutes with Abbie the other night as well (on TV). We missed the munchkin part, though. :(

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