Oct 5, 2008

Just For Fun (part two)

Earlier this year, I wrote a post listing
the things my 3yr old was saying to me.
Now at almost 4, here's an update.

  1. I don't want to grow too big, I might pop.
  2. Your so silly mom.
  3. This is so exciting!
  4. I can do it myself.
  5. I can't fly!
  6. Just calm down mom, calm down.
  7. But I'm not dirty.
  8. Just get your credit card mom.
  9. Your getting on my nerves!
  10. What did the apple say to the pear?
  11. I don't think that's right.
  12. Is it my birthday yet?
  13. Did Santa come yet?
  14. Is it Halloween yet?
  15. This is my favorite...(insert any noun).
  16. Can you reboot it?
  17. Your going the wrong way!
  18. Let me try.
  19. Mom, the cat pooped on the floor!
  20. Boooooo!

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Mary Ann said...

I love "just get your credit card mom". When my son was about that age he would tell me to just go to the money machine (ATM) if I told him we didn't have the money to buy something.

Vixen said...

Those are so fun. I especially loved it when my kids would tell me to 'calm down'. The little smart-alecs.

Hey, I am having my first contest if you want to check it out.

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