Sep 7, 2008

Using An Abacus

This week, with the help of Blues Clues
my son has learned to use an abacus.
While playing Blues Gold Clues game he found even though he can count to thirty, he didn’t have enough fingers to add past ten.
Part of the game deals with adding two numbers together and then clicking on the correct number of jewels above a treasure room door to make it open.

He has been playing with the abacus since he was a baby, but not really using it until now.
I simply showed him that he can move the correct number of beads in the first row over, then move the second number of beads over in the next row.
Now he just counts the two rows together and he has his answer! So when Blue needs him to add 10 + 9, he goes to the abacus and gets the answer, then back to the game and clicks on the jewels to open the door.
He is thrilled, and I have completed a math lesson.


La Alicia said...

that's awesome! I've never used one but I have always been intrigued by them!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

What a smart little cookie!

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