Aug 19, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay!

My neighbors palm trees this morning.

The Storm has come and gone (I should say going and taking it's sweet time), we had plenty of rain but otherwise everything was ok. Some others in Florida had a lot more trouble!

(Mark Randall / Sun Sentinel / August 19, 2008)

The Palm Beach Equine Center had a tornado touch down which tore up the horse stalls. No horses or staff were injured.
There were reports of tornadoes in other areas as well, plus flooding all around.

The road in front of our house right before the water covered it.

The water covered the roads in our neighborhood
but didn't come up to the house.
My sister's house just down the road from here, lost power all day along with 1700 or so other residents.
This storm was very unusual in that it became more organized over land and actually gained strength. It is predicted to become stronger after it moves off the coast and may come back later in the week to make landfall again as a hurricane!


Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

I'm sorry your sister lost power! Oh no.

Yeah, that's so weird the storm gained strength over land. When have we ever seen that happen?

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