Aug 10, 2008

How To Make Hanging Leaf Pictures.

Sunny Nature Transparencies.

A great way to save your nature walk treasures.
Other than some help with the iron, most older children will be able to make this themselves.

1. Heavy Wax Paper
2. Scissors
3. A Drinking Straw
4. Ribbon or Twine
5. Electric Iron
6. Leaves or Pressed Flowers (can be dried or green, if using green, press them between paper towel for a few days to remove moisture)
7. Several sheets of paper towels.

Step one: Cut a 8 x 20 piece of wax paper. Handle the paper with care as to not wrinkle or crease it. Creases will leave a white line on the finished picture.

Step two: Place a few sheets of paper towel under sheet of wax paper. Arrange your leaves on the lower half of the wax paper.

Step three: Place the drinking straw across the middle of the wax paper above the leaves.

Step four: Fold top half of the wax paper down over the leaves and the straw. Place a few sheets of paper towel on top of wax paper.

Step five: With a medium warm iron (not on hottest setting), firmly press the whole surface, don’t hold the iron in one place too long (paper towel may burn).
The wax will melt and seal the two sides together. If you over press the wax will evaporate and then the seal will be gone. If this happens it's easy enough to try again.

Step six: Pass a strand of ribbon or twine through the straw.

That’s it, now you can hang your picture in a window and let the light shine through!

These instructions have been adapted and updated from


Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

I think I will do this one!

happyathome said...

Very cool! It would be neat if you did several hanging on a sliding door! Thanks for sharing.

missknits said...

such a cool and easy project to do!! makes me want to try and make one right now! thanks for sharing! great blog!


My 6 year old daughter was so excited when I showed her that we could do this. She is such a nature nut and I promised her that tomorrow we would give it a shot! Thanks for this and love your blog!

Nodin's Nest said...

Hope you have fun trying it! One more tip, leave as much space around the leaves as possible, or cut the paper larger. You could use a giant straw to make bigger pictures. I cut the first paper too close and there wasn't enough wax paper to stay stuck. Does that make sense?

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