Aug 2, 2008

Homeschool Supplies With $2.95 Shipping!

I've been busy this week getting organized for the 08/09 school year.
This will be our first serious year of homeschooling.
Since my son is only 3 1/2 we have adopted a rather eclectic method of learning.
He's is so far ahead in some things and yet still not toilet trained. As of now I find teaching a lot of fun because he always leads the way.
Whatever his current interest is, he will go out of his way to find out all about it, to the point of obsession! So I use that obsession to my advantage and incorporate the three R's into our fun.

I do use the dining room as a hub of supplies and reference materials.
This year I found a great resource for charts and teaching materials that I can post around the room or on the bulletin board.
Carson -Dellosa publishing has an amazing array of material! I got lost on their site and can't wait until he's older to use some of their more advanced material.
Also for a limited time they are offering a flat rate shipping fee of $2.95 on all orders over $50 until 8/8/08!
I ordered The Human Body and The Traditional Alphabet charts, among others.
Go have a look, they may have just the item you need.


Kim said...

Way to go on that great deal. Can't wait to read more updates on his learning. I often question if I should take my son out or not. This year will probably be my final test as to if I should....long story. Anyway. Great deal.

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