Aug 14, 2008

Feeling Lucky Today!

My son is going to be to surprised when he sees what I won!
Thanks to 5 Minutes For Mom, I was the winner of
the Lands End backpack.
We will use it to carry library books and to take
supplies we need on our nature walks.
5 Minutes for Mom always has the best contests
and information for busy moms!


Karen said...

Way to go! Have fun on your nature walks and visits to the library.

Channah said...


Christopher And Tia said...

ooh what a great win!!

my husband just spent over $100 on a new backpack (to match his military uniform, with all sorts of unneccessary fancy pockets and straps). At least he used his birthday money, because I would have much rather he gone down to a local something-mart, and bought a $20 basic black packpack, haha.

April ~ EnchantedDandelions said...

Oh, congrats! Can't wait to see what magical things your son fills it up with!

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