Jul 24, 2008

If The Shoe Never Fits?

Please tell me I'm not the only mother who has trouble with children's shoe and socks sizes!
One brand says he's one size, another says something different.
Taking him to a shoe store is not ever going to happen and if you order online you never know what your getting.
I bought a plastic home shoe sizer for him to stand on and measure and that has helped.
Then you try to buy socks and the sizes on the package don't match up with shoes, so the only way to tell is to buy them and try. So now of course I have five different types of socks, none of which fit. Some have toes too narrow, some have cuffs too tight and some are too short between the heel and toe.
Is there any easier way to do this?
I have to say, thanks goodness for Crocs because without them my son would be perpetually barefoot! Maybe they will read this and send me a coupon or something, maybe :)


Holly said...

I never paid much attention to how socks fit, but shoe sizes do seem wonky.

MamaGeek said...

Girl, I totally feel ya - you are not alone. Besides Crocs all I can count on is StrideRite! Oy!

Nancy McCarroll said...

Having plantar fasciatis and trouble with my foot, I was steered toward New Balance tennis shoes and the insert to help support the instep. Lo and behold, the sales girl told me I have been wearing shoes ONE SIZE TOO SMALL (for probably 15 yr.) Duh. No wonder my feet hurt! Now I'm fixed up....feet grow when you get older because they spread out!

kim* said...

measure your childs foot and take tape measure with you hahaha, have you tried that yet?

danny said...

Cool blog:)

Kim said...

I adore this pic! I have three daughters (all grown now) and it brought back such memories, thanks for sharing!

Nodin's Nest said...

Great idea on the tape measure, I'll have to try that one!

My son may not think that photo is so cute when he grows up!

Busymama Karen said...

I am thankful for Crocs too. I don't know what I do without them!

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