Jul 28, 2008

How To Make Paper Racing Horses

Tutorial #2 in my Blast From The Past Crafting series
will be how to make Paper Racing Horses.
These instructions have been adapted and updated from
The Stay At Home Book by Cappy Dick.
This is a fun and quick project for boys and girls to make their own paper racing horse game. Younger children will need help with the cutting and older children can make them on their own.


1. Construction paper or card stock
2. Scissors
3. Crayons, markers or paint.
4. Pencil

Step one: Cut construction paper into 4.5" by 2.5" rectangles. Fold each rectangle in half at the center, making a tent.
Step two: While folded, cut a slit about 3/4 inch long through both sides of the tent, at the center near the top of the fold.

Step three: On another piece of paper, draw a simple shape of a horse (without legs) about 3 inches long. You may copy my template if you wish. Cut out the shape of the horse with scissors

Step four: Decorate your horse as you wish. Draw eyes, mouth and paint your horse whatever color you like.
Step five: Carefully fit the body of the horse between the slits of the paper tent and stand upright.

Now your all ready to go to the races! Your children then line up their horses on a table and each player blows their horse forward to the finish line. Of course they don't always travel in a straight line so that increases the challenge!
Best of all, this game runs on kid power alone!
May the best horse win.


Busymama Karen said...

They are really cute.

Maddy said...

I ALWAYS like step by step instructions.

kim* said...

this looks super fun

Kim said...

How cool! I'm going to have my son and I do this sometime soon. He'll just have a ball. Thanks for posting it.

Anonymous said...

These are great! We made them and added pipe cleaner travois, along with paper bison (same design idea as horse) to go in our paper teepee blackfeet Indian village when we studied Plains Indians.

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