May 22, 2008

Summer Savings

It’s going to be a long hot summer as usual here in Florida and with gas prices and the economy the way it is, fewer families will be going on the road during vacation.

We are one of those families who won’t be traveling. My reasons are many, but I still want my son to experience some of the station wagon back seat wonders that I did while traveling with my parents.

So here’s my plan… once a week or so we will set up a picnic blanket in the yard or at the park and spend some time traveling to our great national parks, historical monuments and viewing wildlife with the help of one of my favorite toys, the original View-Master!

Not the updated talking, light up battery powered one. I’m talking about that ancient relic from my own past that you can still find in online stores along with dozens of the classic viewing reels

I plan to spend some time viewing the sights of New York, some time on the Farm and of course visiting the wildlife at our National Parks. We may even venture into some Space Exploration. All while outdoors, eating a fabulous lunch and best of all not spending a dime! I will of course bring a journal so we can document our wanderings.
The only thing we won't have that I do remember loving, as a child is the motel pool we stopped at every night. All is not lost; we can always go to grandma’s house for a dip in her pool!

For a great history of the View-Master, which began in 1939, read The View Master Ultimate Reel List.

Are you staying close to home this year? Let me know what great at home fun your planning with your children!


LittleSun said...

thanx for stopping by my blog adding yur link
My daughter is 30 but I used to be a princess
I raise her to not be a princess she's tough.

Victoria said...

Love your travel plans! Our family is king of the humble day trips. It is amazing how much one can do close to home. And when my girls were little I made sure they had the good old fashioned view masters, too!

Enjoy your weekend!


I finally updated the Entrecard list with your blog included. Sorry it took a week. My gall bladder didn't cooperate with my blogging schedule.

The post with the link is here

Magicouture said...

What a great way to handle the gas crunch! Very creative and positive :)

Joy De Vivre Design said...

I loved the view masters! I think you are going to have a lovely summer! The creativity that you have with your children is what they will remember as they grow old! You sound like a very fun mom.

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