May 28, 2008

Photo Book Tutorial

Here is my simple tutorial on how to make a photo flip book to document your homeschooling field trips or special events.

1. Print out your photos on the paper of your choice. As my son is young, I used regular copy paper. If you want your book to last forever you can certainly use a heavier photo paper.

2. I choose to make mine 3"x 5" for small hands.

3. I then laminated the sheets. You can use a laminating machine or just get self-adhesive laminating paper from an office supply store.

4. Cut out the photos leaving an 1/8" or so border so they don't peel apart.
5. Use a label maker to add titles to your photos.

6. Use a hole punch to make two holes on the left side of each photo at the same two spots on each.

7. Assemble the pages in the desired order.

8. Use small key rings to clip pages together. You can also use twine or bag ties.

Now you have a mini reference book for teaching or just keepsake!


Tracy said...

Very cool book!

Sidewing Creations said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog! I thought I stop in to visit your. Very nice! Very Friendly! I liked the book tutorial. Your Etsy shop soaps look edible!! And by the way, I'm a Neil Diamond fan too!

Paper Girl Productions said...

Great tutorial!

Callooh Callay said...

Cute idea! I know how kids love to look back and relive experiences. This could even work for a baby book or whatever.

livin with me said...

I love this idea!! Fabulous- and one I will most definitely use!!

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