May 12, 2008

Photo Backdrop

Just a quick tip for those crafters and artists who need to photograph larger items, at Michael's Crafts this weekend I found an Elmer's Display Board. It's folds out into three panels that will stand alone behind your item. They come in many colors and of course white (that's the one I bought).

It is sold in a display for school science fair projects. The board sold for $4.99 and is 36" x 48".

I was thrilled to find this because I have yet to use a good backdrop for photographing my "Story Box" due to it's odd size. I probably should have bought a couple because it's one of those things they only have out at certain times of the year.


Bejeweled said...

Ah Michaels! That place is just a wonderland!

That display board is a great find! And at such a fabulous price!

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