May 8, 2008

Feelin Groovy!

If your not much of a song-singing, nursery-rhyming kind of mom like I am, then song and dance time can be a challenge. Since all children enjoy dancing and making music and it's great exercise for mom, I try to plan time for it daily.
Being a member of the tail end of the baby boomer generation, I enjoy a lot of music from the sixties.
However, as a mom whose home all day with a preschooler, there are days I just can’t listen to one more children’s C/D without thoughts of smashing them all to bits seeping into my mind!
So today I went through my C/D collection looking for something upbeat and childlike that was also not going to send me running for a hammer.
What I came across was " The Best of The Monkees ".
It had been ages since I listened to them and I was immediately taken back to another time and place.
Within seconds of hearing Davy Jones sing "Daydream Beliver" my stress level plummeted miles and "D.W. Washburn" had both of us strutting around the living room. My son’s dancing seemed to tell the story as he listened to the words. He was creating his own preschool ballet (too bad I was too busy dancing with him to grab the camcorder)!
The Monkees may not be loved by all but they are loved by my 3 year old son. So if you’re in fear of loosing your soul to The Wiggles, start a sixties “Name That Tune” parade through your living room and I bet you’ll both enjoy it!


Helen said...

I have that in the tape (bought it before CD generation). It's really awesome to listen! Daydream Believer was played when I was crowned the homecoming queen so when I hear it, I always have a flood of memories!!

Rosebud Collection said...

I remember when my girls enjoy them..
They had to watch them every week on t.v..

BabyLyons said...

Sounds like a fun time! Can't wait to dance with my little guy to fun songs (wiggles are a big NO in my house, lol)

BeckyKay said...

I have that CD! Thank you for reminding me! I need to add that to my ipod.

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