Apr 13, 2008


A colorful feast
Live crawfish underwater

Yesterday we went to an annual crawfish boil held by some friends who went to vet school in Louisiana.

It was a beautiful day in south Florida and my son had the time of his life watching the live crawfish and playing with their dog "Pete".

By the time we left he was soaking wet and smelling like a bait and tackle shop.

If you've never heard of a Louisiana Crawfish Boil, read about it and have one of your own!
This is the season and they can be shipped live now!


Allison said...

Woh, the colors on that first one are so intense!

Nodin's Nest said...

Thanks, my camera took some nice shots. The second one is taken looking through the water at the live ones, thats why it's blurry.

pk fairaday said...

Great pictures, and that dog sure is a good sport!

Nodin's Nest said...

Thanks, The dog had as much fun as my son, he just kept chasing the water spray, over and over!

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