Apr 16, 2008

Cut it Short

I found an easier way for my son to learn to write.
He was having trouble with a full size pencil. Even though it was a thicker one made for children, because it's so long I think it felt unbalanced in his hand.
So I cut it down by about a third and now he seems to have more control over it!
Simple yet effective.
Now I just need to figure out what to do with the remaining 3 inch pencil bits ....hmmm


GeekMom said...

That is brilliant! I think a little bundle of those would be a great gift for a preschooler. You're so clever!

Nodin's Nest said...

Thanks so much! It just made sense to me. He holds his crayons like a pencil but was having trouble holding an actual pencil, so I just cut them down to crayon size.

Cara said...

Great idea! Wish I'd thought of that! They put my son in an advanced group in 2nd grade. His brain could handle work above his grade level, but his motor skills could not. I took him out. He was also not interested in what older kids would be. He still finished 5th grade reading at the 10th grade level.
Can't speed him up, but then, you can't slow him down either.

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