Apr 8, 2008

ABC's Online

I know for some of you keeping your child away from too many computer games is on the top of your list of " how not to teach"! That said, I have found a website that not only keeps my son engaged, it teaches real reading skills.

Starfall.com has many levels of learning, but the pages and games are not filled with fast moving graphics or hyper-speed animation.

The site is dedicated to teaching the basics of reading and then leads your child into an early love of classic literature, poetry and music.

My son now knows the alphabet, phonics and is learning site words. Today we are working on silent "E". He also navigates the site himself with just the computer mouse. Be sure to check out the download center at the bottom of the screen for some great practice sheets!

Now when he asks to play on the computer, I don't mind and I can actually cook a meal without one dish or another being overcooked!


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