Mar 3, 2008

The Letter P

Today my son who is 3, has been searching high and low for the letter P. It is missing from his alphabet puzzle set and he is very distraught!

He has always been a very focused child and since I started homeschooling it has progressed. He does most of the lesson alone and currently thinks it's more fun to quiz mom than to have mom teach him.

The letter P is lost and we must rescue it! We have our flashlight and our broom and we are on the hunt. It's not under the bed, it's not in the sock drawer and it's not in the bath tub. I have told him that most likely our thieving cat has taken it for a trophy.

The cat isn't likely to return it, so we will have to make a substitute P for now. I guess that's my next project.


moonmystic said...

My son is three, too and we lost the O. He's trying to spell mom. He's says it's under the stove, but I don't know. . .

Nodin's Nest said...

Thats funny, your's is O and mine is P. This must be a plot to destroy the alphabet! lol

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