Feb 28, 2008

Last cold snap

According to the weatherman, this will be our last few days of cold weather in Florida. Last night it was around 38 degrees, considering the rest of the country that's not bad. I will miss the cold air.

I don't know about you but I'm more creative at this time of year. I suppose its because we stay indoors more and of course the holidays always provide ample inspiration. Not to mention summers here are very hot and muggy!
So before the thermometer hits 90 again and the humidity makes you stick to your furniture, I better get all the crafting in I can! Maybe the weatherman will be wrong, again.


Tanya Pshenychny said...

It's funny that you say you'll miss the cold, being in FL while I definitely wont, being in IL. Im excited for spring.

I'm completely opposite when it comes to weather. The cold that keeps you indoors inspires you to create, while it turns me stale because I don't feel I get to get out enough to and experience new things to feel inspiration.

The grass is always greener on the other side, huh?

Nodin's Nest said...

Interesting how that works isn't it?

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