Jul 18, 2008

Singing The Body Electric

Talk about learning from music, Dr. Gil Alterovitz of Harvard Medical School is developing a computer program that translates protein and gene expression into music! In his acoustic translation, harmony represents good health, and discord indicates disease.

Reported in MIT's Technology Review, Dr Alterovitz hopes that his program can someday help detect the early presence of cancer and other diseases by hearing the body sing out of tune, so to speak.

Amazing, maybe if we all listen a little closer to what our bodies are tellings us, we can hear it play that sour note!


Jenny-up the hill said...

Oh gee whiz!! How cool is this?? I've been studying about DNA and proteins in my Anatomy and Physiology class and this is just too neat. Amazing...it would be wonderful to be able to hear our bodies "sing out of tune" when things aren't quite right...very neat! Thanks for sharing..,.

happyathome said...

Science is so amazing, I love it. It is never dull and technology keeps it more interesting!

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